Sun Country PGA Teacher of the Year -2016 Jack Hardwick Award-

Let's Cut to the Chase!

Stop wasting your time learning the countless number of body movements involved in an efficient swing.  There isn't a tool (hammer, fork, shovel, etc.) on this planet that we use by focusing on the body movements involved in its use. We use tools by focusing on what we want the tool to do.  The body is controlled subconsciously. 

The golf club is a tool used to propel a ball towards a target.  It's use is solely responsible for the flight of the golf ball, and should be the focus of our learning.  The four essentials that govern the flight of the ball are: 

  1. Swing the club in the direction of the target
  2. Contact the ball on the center of the clubface
  3. Swing the club so that the clubface is square at impact
  4. Swing the club with enough speed to send the ball the correct distance

These essential will always be the focus of my instruction.  You'll find them simple to understand, effective for improving your ball flight, and universal for all golfers.  Join me on the fast track to better golf. 

Play Golf Better! Teach Golf Better!


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