Club-Focused Golf Instruction

About CFI

Golf instruction can be divided into two approaches.  That which constitutes more than 90% of today's golf instruction is body-focused.  The central premise of this type of golf instruction is built around the idea that if the golfer learns to correctly move various body parts (hips, legs, shoulders, etc.), the result will be a movement of the golf club that will produce effective golf shots.  That which constitutes the other 10% of golf instruction is club-focused.  Its central premise is that the golfer should instead focus on learning how the golf club should move during an effective swing.  

The difference between these two approaches may seem minor at first consideration.  However, any student (or instructor) who has experienced both will immediately appreciate the simplicity of club-focused golf instruction.  If the club is moving correctly, there is nothing you can do with your body that produces a poor shot.  Conversely, if the club is moving incorrectly, there is nothing you can do with your body that will correct the problem and avoid the poor shot.  By way of analogy, regardless of what he does with his body, if the marksman does the right thing with the rifle, the bullet must hit the target.  If the golfer does the right thing with the golf club, the ball must go to the target.  

The above is an excerpt from Fundamental Golf Instruction, by Ed LeBeau (can be purchased below).

History of CFI

Ernest Jones

Club-focused golf instruction, Manuel de la Torre, Ernest Jones, Ed LeBeau, Heartland Golf Schools

Ernest Jones was the first professional to formulate a club-focused approach to golf instruction.  As fellow golf professionals, Jones and Angel de la Torre shared their ideas and experiences - the result of which became the foundation on which Manuel de la Torre built both his game as well as his approach to teaching. 

Manuel de la Torre

Club-focused golf instruction, Manuel de la Torre, Ernest Jones, Ed LeBeau, Heartland Golf Schools

Recognized as being one of golf's top teachers.  His career includes playing competitively on tour, serving as head golf professional at one of America's most esteemed golf club, and teaching both tour professional and amateur golfers. Among the tour professionals he has are Masters champion, Tommy Aaron and U.S. Women's Open champion, Carol Mann.  He is one of only several golf instructors to be inducted into both the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame as well as the PGA Hall of Fame. 

Future of CFI

University Research

University researchers like Dr. Gabrielle Wulf of the University of Nevada Las Vegas are finding that golfers of all skill levels improve faster and  retain information longer when given club-focused instruction.  Her research focuses on factors that  influence motor skill learning  including the performer’s focus of  attention and motivational  variables such as learner autonomy and  performance expectancy. 

PGA Golf Management

Henry Stetina and Ed LeBeau have worked together to implement a club-focused approach to golf instruction within the PGA Golf Management Program at New Mexico State University. Each semester Ed conducts 2-day workshops for NMSU students to experience the effectiveness of club-focused instruction. 

Growth of The Game

It is believed that club-focused instruction will influence a growth in golfer participation nationwide. Club-focused instruction presents the information to golfers in a way that is normal for learning. 

Fundamental Golf Instruction: Teaching Club-Focused Lessons from Tee to Green

Author, Ed LeBeau of Heartland Golf Schools explains the effectiveness of club-focused instruction, and outlines a  detailed way of conducting a golf lesson. This instructional manual will be the foundation for a successful teaching career. 

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