Teaching Philosophy


When you want to improve your game, there are two elements to consider: Improving your golf swing and/or improving the decisions you make on the course. 

The Swing

Henry uses a club-focused approach to instruction when helping players improve their golf swing.  The approach is based on principles of physics, geometry, and psychology.  

The Game

 when helping players improve the decisions that they make on the golf course.  The approach helps players set realistic expectations and develop effective course strategies.

The Swing

Club-Focused Instruction

Club-focused instruction directs a player's attention to the movement of the club during an effective golf swing.  The approach was first taught by hall of fame instructors, Ernest Jones and Manuel de la Torre.  

Manuel de la Torre

"Never teach players to do anything that they can over-do.  If a player attempts to over-do anything he is taught, the only result is that he will get better faster."

"Every golf lesson should be based on the principles of physics, geometry, and psychology.  Based on such principles, the lessons will prove effective for every player, every shot and never change." 

"When the player is set up correctly and using a balanced grip, a club swinging in the direction of the target will never hit a bad shot." 

The Game


Decade uses statistics and probability to set realistic expectations and develop effective course strategies.  Scott Fawcett developed the system based on statistical data made available by Mark Broadie, author of the book, Every Shot Counts.  Fawcett has found success teaching the concepts to tour players and top performing amateurs. 

Expectation Management

The golf coverage we see on TV is basically a highlight reel of the best shots from the best players in the world.  The coverage rarely shows errant shots or players missing cuts.  For most viewers this creates expectations that are far superior than even the greatest golfers in the world are capable of producing.  This false sense of reality increases a player's  anxiety and frustration while playing the game.   

The PGA Tour's strokes gained statistics allows us to better  understand the performance standards for the best players in the world.  It also allows us to set realistic expectations for every skill level.  Playing with more realistic expectations decreases anxiety, increases confidence, makes us more accepting of our shots, and ultimately increases the enjoyment that we experience on the golf course. 

Course Strategy

There are simple strategies that golfers can use to avoid penalty strokes, bunkers, and 3-putts.  Nearly all golfers will benefit from learning these strategies.